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CS-8020 575W Moving Head (16CH)
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CS-8020 575W Moving Head (16CH)
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This product uses doublepiecetype adjusts the light, each second 1-10 maychange speed the frequency to dodge

A color plate, 7 colors + white light, brings the rainbow and thecolor piece overlap effect

An effect fruit tray, 5 colors + white light
A fixed design plate, 5 charts + white lights
May the rotation design plate, 4 charts + white lights

The design revolves may the bidirectional speed change adjustment,highly effective Hall tube position equipment

May adjust the aperture/linear focusing
A triangular prism/prism revolves

The level revolves the greatest angle 540°
Vertical turn greatest angle 270°
Horizontal, vertical turn 1.8° trimming /0-255 speed velocitymodulation

Photoelectricity replacement, automatic error correction, excessivelyhot automatic protection

Valtage:220V 50-60HZ


Lamp:HMI 575W

Color temparatme:6500K


Packing size 515mm×445mm×795mm

Net weight: 42.5 KG

Gross weight: 45KG
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